Sunday, February 6, 2011

in a nut shell.

Whew, have I been slack this week or what? Well, honestly speaking, I've had a quite productive past seven days. So productive, in fact, that I haven't even had time to document all the fun I've had. Yepp, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. And here's you a teeny little glimpse into what made this week so wonderful to prove it.

I welcomed the second month of 2011 with open arms. I watched B. Davis finally get married with my P. Sawyer and Nathan [and received dozens of messages from some of my favorite people expressing their excitement about my wedding!]. I celebrated good ol' Phil the Groundhog's prediction of an early spring. I met with Cait Cait for our third week of accountability, which [in my opinion] was our best yet. I took a trip to the mall with Shannon and left with a pair of Gianni Bini heels that were 70% off that will be perfect for my last fling before the ring. That same night, Shannon purchased her MOB dress [which is stunning, by the way]. I stamped our save the dates and ordered invitations, both with the help of my trusty wedding-planning sidekick. I rejoiced in the five-month mark of me being the future Mrs. Bargeron. [And then I entered a state of shock, because, I mean really, how has it already been five whole months?] I finished up another week as a big girl who works forty hours a week. I finally spent an entire weekend in Clemson with my boy, which was such a breath of fresh air. I was woken up on Saturday morning by a chipper TJ who gleefully brought it to my attention that we were going to be getting ready to get married 23 weeks from that very moment. I attended my second wedding festival with my sweet friend Kylie, and impressed all of the vendors I talked to with my organization and lack of procrastination. I dedicated my Saturday evening to playing catch-up with my Squidney, who I hadn't seen in over three months [and let me tell you, it was the best reunion I've had in quite some time]. I woke up to discover that my collar bone is currently being taken over by a wretched bacterial infection known as ring worm [I know, it's disgusting]. I bawled my eyes out the entire service at NewSpring. I sat outside in my car with fancy for an hour while we waited for the locksmith to come let us back in his apartment [sometimes his memory fails him; i.e. when we lock the door, close it, and THEN he remembers his keys are inside]. I left Clemson early so I could spend some time with my daddy before he headed back out on the road [it's hard to believe that I've only got 22 more weekends to spend with my family before I pack up and move out]. And now I'm watching the Superbowl. But not really for the game, more so for the commercials.

Speaking of commercials, I've already picked my favorites. Yes, I realize the game isn't over yet, but I am pretty positive that there won't be any other ones better than these three right here and here and here. These. Kill. Me. Dead.

I'm already anticipating another splendid week, regardless of my circumstances. I'm so thankful that Jesus already knows what I'm going to go through and that he's already drop-kicked all my not-so-great moments in the face. Here's to a fantastic sixth week of a brand new year!

p.s. go Panthers!

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