Sunday, January 30, 2011

see ya next time, Wilmy.

A play-by-play of our last day in Wilmington...until next time, that is. :)

we began by eating Sunday brunch at The George [also known as Le Jorge] and it was absolutely, positively the best meal I've ever had in all my trips to Wilmington. yummy, yummy in my tummy!

before this trip, no one had EVER signed my table. and NOW look at it. to say I was infuriated is an extreme understatement. all those little chicks need to get their own table! GRRR! garbage.

well, hot dog. there we all are!

 we stopped by Lucas' house before we headed home, and P. Sawyer discovered that touching us with her new scarf that has built-in spots for your hands was quite enjoyable. did we agree? we'll let you decide.

bidding adieu to our beloved rivercourt. and look...there's Belle!

true or false: we love the rivercourt.

the sky is so perfect in this shot of the court. makes me a little teary looking at it!

and then I was all alone on the trip home. if they didn't previously know that their driver could multi-task while driving 70 mph down the road, they do now. don't worry, ladies, Hales always takes care of her chi'rens. [i.e., always use crosswalks!]

We made it home in record timing [thank you, daddy, for blessing me with such great genes that make me a driving machine], and then I got a surprise visit from my sweet, sweet fancy. YAY! He had come home this weekend, and stayed late so he could see me before he made his way back to Clemson. He even took me to dinner! And on that note, I'm pretty sure there was some sort of Santa Clause meeting  tonight at Fuddrucker's. Weird. Okay, back to me having the best friends and husband-to-be in the world...I have the best friends and husband-to-be in the world. Yepp, that about covers it.

I love Wilmington. I love walking around downtown a million times over the course of only a few days. I love all the boutiques and unique shops that line Front Street. I love eating Kilwin's ice cream and immediately falling into a sugar coma. I love eating at the same restaurants over and over again, just because they're our favorites. I love randomly running into cast members in the street, even though they're usually not in their best form. I love planning follow-up trips before we're even halfway through the current trip. I love everything about being in Wilmington.

But most of all, I love being there with people I love.

I can't wait until I get to show Teesh around the city for the first time, so he can finally see and begin to understand why I love it so much. I hope that we take vacations there year after year and that our kids grow up loving Wilmington as much as I do. I'm excited to say that I think I've got plenty more thrilling trips to this adorable little city in the future. And one day, P. Sawyer will have a family and so will B. Davis and we'll vacation there together once [or twice] a year all together.

Ahhhh, dreams. I've got lots and lots of them. This is just one of my favorites. :)

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  1. Favorite entry of our trip! I've told you before on here and I'll tell you again, I love the way you write!

    Ps MAD skills taking that picture in the car! I busted out laughing when I saw it!


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