Saturday, May 16, 2015

baby in the backpack.

We hiked up to Rainbow Falls last Saturday for the third time since we began this family tradition, and we had an additional explorer with us this time. TJ traded in the traditional backpack for a baby boy, and I became the new wearer of the backpack (my new one that I got for my birthday just for day hikes, might I add). Even with extra weight on us both, we still made it to the top in an hour, a time that we were both impressed with. Braxton was bright-eyed + smiley the whole way up to the top and sleepy-eyed the whole way back down, and it was the perfect cool morning to officially break in the Poco Plus out on the trails. Our next trip will be to the top of Table Rock next month, and although we will probably be crawling to the top by about halfway up, we were encouraged by our limited feelings of exhaustion during this practice round. I love this trail-blazing, blue-wearing, Osprey-representing, outdoor-loving family of mine!

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