Saturday, May 9, 2015

three mommies.

I couldn't have possibly fathomed just how much love a mother has for her child until I held my own child in my arms for the first time. Even through the haziness of B's birthday, one moment that I remember is the surge of uncontrollable joy that overwhelmed me when they first laid him on my chest. I cherish that moment more than almost any other I've ever had, and it was then that I truly was able to understand how these three women felt about their children. Not many people get to say that they have three mamas, but I'm thankful that I do. I've had the pleasure of learning under three women as I have matured into a woman, and each of them have given me little takeaways that I will remember + cherish for as long as I live. These three ladies have helped + encouraged me more than they know, and I hope that I will be the kind of mama that leaves an impression on my little one(s) in similar ways, too.
Happy (soon-to-be) Mother's Day to my three favorite mamas on the planet. B has the best Grandma, Gigi, and Mimi, and it makes my heart nearly pop!
We love you so very much!

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