Tuesday, May 12, 2015

braxton michael | four months.

You are four months old today, big boy! I say it every month, but it doesn't seem like so much time should have already passed. I love watching you grow bigger + stronger, but I would be lying if I said it didn't make my heart ache a bit. You are still a man of many faces, and I try my best to capture them all as you make them. Mommy has also (finally) come out of denial, and can admit (with a smile on her face, might I add) that you look just like your daddy. It's not that I don't want you to look like him (I mean, have you seen how good looking he is?), but I just wanted other people to see me in you, too. You're spunky like your mama, you look like your daddy, and that sounds like a good combination to me! You have learned new tricks over the past thirty days, and you've also worked on perfecting some of your old ones. This biggest milestone that you accomplished this past month was rolling over for the first time! Daddy and I were jumping up and down, clapping, and hugging each other + smooching on you when you did it for the first time about three weeks ago, and we still go crazy when you do it now. You hold your head up so high during tummy time, which makes for some good rolls - some of which take your breath away because you are surprised by them. It's the cutest thing to watch, little one. Speaking of rolls, you've got plenty of them! Your legs are the squishiest legs I've ever squished, and I nibble on them every chance I get. Your cheeks get chubbier every day, too, and I have made an art out of squeezing + pinching them. We changed your feeding schedule two weeks ago, and now you eat about six ounces every four hours five times a day. You are still such a good sleeper, averaging about eleven hours a night (including the two hours before your dream feed). Like I said, you're awesome! We, also, started doing a nighttime routine last month, and officially established your bedtime. After you eat at seven o'clock, you stretch out and play on your mat for a few minutes (unless we give you a bath), then mommy holds you while daddy reads to us, and we take turns praying specific prayers over you before we give you hugs + kisses and lay you down at eight o'clock. Most of our days are simple, but there are other days where we do nothing but go-go-go from morning until night. You are a trooper on those days of little-to-no rest, and we are very thankful for your contentment as you get in and out of the car countless times when we run errands or visit people. This past weekend was my favorite weekend so far, because we made lots of memories that are all at the top of my list of favorites. In honor of my first Mother's Day, daddy took us hiking at Rainbow Falls, we perused through downtown Greenville for Artisphere, and even went to a Clemson baseball game. I, also, graduated with my degree in biblical counseling from BJU on Friday afternoon, and although you didn't come to the ceremony, we got some good pictures of us beforehand while I wore my regalia. See why this weekend was so wonderful? There was constant excitement, and I didn't stop thanking God for even a second the entire three days! We go to the pediatrician tomorrow afternoon for your wellness check up, and daddy gets to come with us this time. Hip hip hooray! Last month you weighed 12 pounds + 9 ounces, and you were 23.5 inches long; we can hardly wait to see how much more you've grown in these past two months since your last visit. You still smile most of the time, but your mugshot face (as we call it) is just as cute. You have started laughing (I nearly die every time I hear that precious little squeal) and are quite the chatterbox (especially when you get around a lot of people), and I find myself dreaming of so many things with every grin, giggle, and coo. Your big blue eyes are more curious now than they were a month ago, and your teeny hands + chubby fingers are coordinated enough to reach out and grab whatever you're looking at now. Your favorite place for your hands to be, however, is in your mouth. That's right, B - you started teething about three weeks ago, and the drool + random cries when nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary are proof of those achy gums. Mommy cuddles seem to be the best comfort for you, and I don't mind one bit. The closer you are to me, the better. For both of us.

You are loved more than you could possibly imagine, and that doesn't even include the love from anyone other than daddy + me. Being your mommy is a dream come true, and watching you grow while reflecting on where you started is better than any fairy tale. We love you so much, handsome boy!

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