Wednesday, May 27, 2015

jane's first.

Another sunny afternoon with the five Elliotts? Someone pinch me! Just last month, we celebrated Henry turning four, and Jane's first birthday gave us a reason to celebrate some more. In honor of this precious girl, her family put together a precious brunch on Sunday afternoon so that friends + family could come love on her + watch her (and her brothers, of course) smash her cake. Her grandparents even came in from Atlanta and Iowa, and TJ + I were thankful to be a part of such a joyous occasion. It seems like it was just yesterday that Kate sent me a picture of their newborn baby girl to share the good news, and now she has already turned one. I love having a special spot into this family's life, and you can bet that I take full advantage of happy moments with them - even the ones that are unimportant by the world's standards. What a treat it has been to watch this little girl grow in her first year of life, first as a babysitter and now as an honorary member of the family.
Hooray for Janey Joo!

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