Thursday, May 7, 2015

clemson: past + future.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University in 2010.
TJ graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University in 2013.

And in honor of a new graduating class at Clemson University that will walk across the stage (though not the same one we did) and collect their hard-earned diploma tomorrow, I thought it was only appropriate to give y'all a glimpse of what the future looks like for these two once-college-kids-now-parents. That's right, folks, we unashamedly believe in brainwashing in our family.
If Solomon is right (which we firmly believe he is), then we are starting the process right from the start. Our boy looks good in orange and purple, and I know he'll be shouting GO TIGERS! with us in no time at all.

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