Saturday, July 25, 2015

day trips.

We weren't the only people on vacation this particular week, and we got to spend some time with some people that we love more than most. Our first outing was to visit part of our family that was staying at Surfside Beach. We, also, went to dinner with them the following night, and I ate the best crab cakes that I've ever had (Hot Fish Club in Murrell's Inlet, we haven't seen the last of you!). B enjoyed getting extra cuddles from Granny Pat, and I enjoyed having some girl talk with my cousin, Heather. We, also, splashed into the waves with Jaden while keeping a close eye out for any sneaky sharks. All in all, it was a fun day!
Then, a few days later, we drove down to Garden City Beach to hang out with our beloved Martins for a few hours. We didn't know that we'd all be at the beach at the same time until days before we got there, and I screamed out of joy when I learned such exciting news. Mary-Michal and I went on family vacations with each other for several years during college, and it was so much fun to be reunited in our happy place. Braxton and Lola, also, met each other for the first time, and we all swooned over this introduction (especially when they grabbed each other's hands - everyone say, "awww!"). There aren't many people who hold such a near + dear place in my heart like this family does, and every second spent with them is a treasured one.

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