Sunday, July 26, 2015

garden city pier.

We enjoyed some good ol' footlong hotdogs at Sam's Corner in Garden City one night for dinner, and it was only fitting that we take Braxton on his first tour of a pier. We walked along the planks of wood until we spotted several cannonball jellyfish swimming below. We watched them for a little while, started talking about all the other things that were probably swimming down there with them, and quickly started walking again + changed to subject to something less terrifying. B was mesmerized by the sights that his little eyes beheld, and we kept looking at him then looking at each other with silly grins over how exciting it was to be the ones showing him the world. After we gazed until our hearts were content, we made one last pit stop at The Yum Yum Shop for ice cream before returning to our home away from home. Since this was no ordinary Sunday given that our B was officially half a year old, we gave him his first little taste of ice cream to celebrate! Goodness, I love these boys + making memories with them so much. Counting my blessings is one of my most favorite past times, and this vacation added a whole lot more to my already overflowing list.

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