Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Our little one loved watching the waves roll in while he played in ankle-deep water out on the beach, and he loved splashing in the pool just as much. We concluded that he definitely liked the crystal clear water better after only a few minutes of being in it, because all he wanted to do was stare at it. He had been in the pool twice before this trip, and it was obvious that he had finally adjusted to being wet all over. Just like I did out on the beach, I walked + bounced him to sleep before laying him down to rest. He didn't nap so good while we were by the water, but we weren't terribly surprised since we were in a family campground where noise is at a whole new level of loud; it was also very hot, which probably added to his restlessness. Nevertheless, even with sleepy eyes, he splished + splashed every morning. I didn't mind escorting him into dreamland one bit - what the onlookers may have seen as an inconvenience was another beautiful memory to add to my lists of favorites. I got some snuggles AND cardio in at the same time, and I don't know of any mama who wouldn't want that!

Whether we were in the ocean or in the pool, all was well in the world (well, mostly - meltdowns aren't always so pleasant, but we lived to tell about it. hallelujah!).

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