Monday, July 27, 2015


When this kiddo starts laughing, I have to tell myself to keep breathing. His laughter comes straight from his belly, his little cheeks turn pink, the angel kiss on his forehead darkens, and his blue eyes glisten like diamonds. One hand goes to ears when he's being tickled, too, as if that somehow makes it tickle less. Of all the memories I have made so far with my little boy, the ones where I hold him close to me are the ones I treasure the most. Hearing his laughter is one thing, seeing his silly smiles from that laughter is even better, but being able to somehow feel his happiness erupt within him while he is snuggled up on me is the best. The. Best.

I may not be able to adequately describe to you just what it feels like to have my heart stolen by such a small person each day, but I am certain that the effects of his love for me (and mine for him, too) are written all over my face. Time passes quickly, and I already know that well; the memories, however, will last for as long as I'm alive. These five minutes that we spent laughing together while we waited for daddy to take us for a tour around the campground will always be a source of my joy - I'll hold onto the sounds, the looks, and the feelings forever and ever.

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