Sunday, July 12, 2015

braxton michael | six months.

Happy HALF BIRTHDAY to my littlest guy! I don't know how it's possible that you are so big now - daddy + I both are amazed at how fast time is going by, even as we hold onto every moment before it passes by. A lot has changed over the course of these six months, and every new day is somehow better than the day before. Wanna know something really cool? We are currently celebrating your big day at the beach! That's right, little one, you have been splish splashing in the ocean + the pool for three days already, and we've still got six more days to go. Your daddy + I have always loved little getaways as a family of two, but you add so much joy to our adventures - we knew that you would, but we had no idea just how much. This past month has been full of ups + downs, just like every other month, but the joys have yet again outweighed the sorrows. We hiked up to the top of Table Rock for the first time as a family on the day you turned five months old, we celebrated daddy + Pop + Pops on Father's Day, we started going on morning runs together, you are officially a professional bouncer in your jumperoo (seriously, kid, you might break it one day), and we still spend most of our days outside (well, minus that one week this month when temperatures didn't get out of the nineties - whew). You officially have your first tooth coming in, too! HOORAY! I noticed it a few days ago, and I wish you could remember how daddy + I jumped up and down when I showed him. A few other big things have happened this month that are especially note-worthy: 1) you are now only drinking milk four times a day, because we have dropped the ten o'clock dream feed (that's right, dude - you are now going about twelve hours without eating at night!); 2) you are reeeeeally good at rolling - so good that there have been several times when mommy has almost had a heart attack (I love my hardwood floors, but I definitely hate the sound they make when you knock your noggin on them); 3) your legs are strong enough now that you can stand with assistance for a few minutes at a time; 4) you know your voice, and you make sure we know it, too - you've become quite the chatterbox this past month, and your favorite thing to say is "MaMa" over + over again! I wonder if you can hear my heart explode every time you say it? (Side note: daddy is itching for his turn now!) And finally...5) you have started eating solids! So many fun, exciting milestones have happened this month, but one thing hasn't changed (and never will, might I add): you're still my baby boy. You are the sweetest little cuddle bug that I ever did cuddle, and you fit perfectly on my chest - just as you should.

Your great-great-grandmother, Nonnie, met Jesus face-to-face a couple of weeks ago, and even though it's still really hard to imagine living in a world where she no longer is, my heart soars to try to picture what it's like to worship God without reservations. She lived for ninety-five years on this earth, and now she will spend an eternity in heaven. I've been telling you about that special place since you were just the size of a blueberry in my belly, and I'll keep adding to the story more + more as you grow older. My prayer is that you will be with her (and so many others who have gone before us) in paradise one day (loooooooooong after I'm there, might I add) and that you will live your life as a servant, just like Nonnie always did.
Braxton Michael, you are more loved today than ever before, and you'll be loved even more than that tomorrow (heck, even five seconds from now). May you continue to grow + learn about the world around you over the course of this next month, and may you always know that daddy + I are your biggest fans.

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