Wednesday, July 1, 2015

peace like a river.

Our hearts ache that our sweet Nonnie is no longer here with us, but there is an overwhelming joy in the midst of our sorrow because we know, without even a hint of doubt, that she is with Jesus. Ninety-five years + six days after she began her life on earth, her life in eternity began, and no amount of mourning could keep me from praising the One who so beautifully + fearfully made her, even through tears. The promises of God have been fully completed in her, and she is now walking along streets of gold and singing praises to her faithful Promise Keeper along with the saints + angels who welcomed her to Heaven yesterday afternoon just shy of half-past four o'clock. 

I am thankful for the love she showed me from the moment she first met me, and I will never, ever forget the light that glimmered in her eyes + the big smile that brightened her whole face on the day when she met Mr. B for the first time. She couldn't give him enough kisses or hugs, and although I don't remember that first moment when I met her, all of the memories I do remember are filled with those same affections. She loved her family fiercely, and we have all been impacted by her deep compassion + unswerving faith. It's nearly impossible to put into words just how precious she has always been + will always be to us.

Nonnie will be remembered for her kindness, gentleness, strength, sacrifice, generosity, dedication, spunk, and love, and I pray that I will mimic the same character that she had for as long as the Lord grants me breath on this side of eternity. Though the effects of our fallen nature caused her to forget many things during the final few years of her life, she never forgot how good her Lord Jesus had always been to her + those she loved. Her love for Him was immovable, and my heart soars at the thought of her looking at His beautiful face as she professes her love for Him. It will hurt to no longer have her here with us, but there is peace like a river because she is finally home sweet home.
"When we arrive at eternity's shores
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more,
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring;
Your bride will come together and we'll sing,
'You're beautiful.'"
Beautiful, Phil Wickham

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