Monday, September 12, 2016

braxton michael | twenty months old.

This is the face of a little guy who loves smiling for mama, laughing loudly and proudly, trucks, Thomas the Train, Elmo, when daddy comes home, eating all day every day (he is especially loving apples and bananas right now - maybe we are singing that song too much?!), singing and dancing, running until his tiny legs just about fall off, throwing the ball, climbing on any and everything, and flirting with all the pretty girls.

His personality continues to bloom more each day, and it's so fun to watch him become his own person. His language development has also shown incredible growth this past month, which has been so exciting! He can point to people he sees most often and say their name, and he repeats most words that we say. He is, also, a smart little cookie who can point to places on his body when I ask him where they are (ie. when I ask him where his nose is, he can point to it, etc.). He just keeps growing and growing and growing, and we are forever trying to simply take it all in and celebrate each milestone whether big or small.

Twenty months of the most joy his daddy and I have ever known. We are so grateful to be his parents!

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