Sunday, September 26, 2010

each day is a different one.

In the past seven days, I have been here, there, and everywhere. A lot of driving and visiting and picture-taking and laughing and heart-to-hearts and just all-around fun has been had. Out of the ordinary? Absolutely not. I love how each passing week has some new adventure that I get to be a part of. I love waking up some days with a plan and others not having a clue in the world as to what I'm going to do. Spontaneity is one of my favorite things in the world, and I'm pretty sure that when God thought me to life, he gave me a little more than he gave everyone else. Well, that and an extra dose of joy. I can't tell you why, but I sure am glad that he deemed it necessary.There's just something about making your own path and creating your own way of life that has thrilled me since I was a wee little girl. :)

Although I wasn't able to capture all my favorite moments of this past week in pictures, I did snatch up quite a few. Is it possible for a girl to be a tourist in her hometown? Given the right girl, I'm pretty sure it totally is.

while shopping for his outfits for our engagement pictures, he let me have a little fun. cotton candy is such a good look for you, bay!

beginning our mini-trek to visit some of our favorites in Cullowhee.

playing dress-up in Wal-Mart.

having a river-side chat with my Laur Laur.

surprise lunch with Ellybeth at God's favorite restaurant, Pete's.

dinner at Panera with my best friend not bestie.

oh, Paws, how I missed you so. heaven will be filled with all things fried, I'm sure of it.

had a little fun with the effects on my new camera.

spent with first day of fall on the lake with Teesh, Justin, and Kasey. it was a perfect day.

this is definitely my favorite picture of the week. oh, hey there, God. :)

spent a beautiful (and blistering) day in Columbia with my Court Bourt. my first fashion party and my first Viva la Vista experience!

I can't wait to see what's in store for me this week. It's raining outside right now for the first time in a while, and I'm hoping it will wash away the heat of summer and bring in the cool air of fall. I'd also like to see a few more leaves change their colors this week, but I won't get too ahead of myself. Come what may. :)

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