Sunday, September 12, 2010

there's something in these hills.

I spent the last three days in Clemson, also known as God's country. I don't know what it is about that place, but joy literally floods my heart every time I get in the car to begin the 45-minute trip south. The people, all the orange, knowing that one of my life's biggest accomplishments came from there, so many of my closest friends living minutes from each other...I think it's a combination of a whole lot of things.

These are just a few moments that were my favorite parts of the weekend. There were, however, way too many to keep track of no matter how hard I tried. :)

milk and chocolate chip cookie dough dates with my Teesh.

roomie reunion! the only thing that would have made this PERFECT is if Mal-o was with us!

our "annual Clemson picture." :) I hope there will be many, many more of these.

I got to see my favorite David Brooks, and it was heavenly.

thank you, Morgan and Rachel, for being my favorite surprise of the day!

more roomie bonding. words can't express how much these girls mean to me. <3

a bunch of tailgatin' fools. my friends are so pretty!

the beautiful Blakely and I are the engaged girls! YAY! our boys did gooooooood. :)

an unexpected run-in with the incredible Barrineaus can brighten anyone's day. we are so thankful for this sweet, sweet family!

I got to see Tess and my best friend not bestie, show off my ring some more, and find out Melly's true feelings about my engagement. I guess this means I have to fire my MOH...again.

no worries, though, guys. we still love each other!

I wonder how many pictures like this I will have before July 16th finally gets here? :)

my handsome fancy and me got to cheer on our Tigers together for the first time as future husband and wife! whoa, that is SO weird to say.

if Sarah Whitley was not created for the sole purpose to make people uuuuuuuuber happy, then she is totally not fulfilling her calling. I love this girl so much!

Melly got to hang out with both of her best friends in one day. rare and refreshing.

this was also added to the "my favorite surprises" list. yay for my fancy and "our time"!

and the weekend started coming to a close with an intense game of Wii bowling, not to mention the role-playing we decided to mix into the madness.

Clemson, you are one of my favorite things to love.

p.s. Happy anniversary to my future sister and brother! It's been one heck of a year for Sav and A-Dub, and they're currently livin' it up at the beach to celebrate it! I love ya'll so much!

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