Friday, January 28, 2011


I am currently sitting in a Super 8 motel room with my P. Sawyer and B. Davis, having already embarked on our first day in Wilmington of the year 2011. That's right, the fifth edition of #HPBdoWilmy has finally arrived. YAY!

Last night, we talked for hours, made our own t-shirt creations, and finally got in the bed around 2 a.m., giving us an anticipated three hours of sleep.  5 a.m. came WAY early this morning, and we were an hour behind schedule when it was all said and done...BUT we hit the road at 7 o'clock on the dot and pulled into Wilmington four and a half hours later!

We were not successful in finding filming today, but we got to spend a lot of time rummaging through the city, which is one of my favorite things to do anyways! Here is a brief recap of all the fun we've had over the previous 24 hours. Enjoy!

 we made awesome, hand-crafted t-shirts.

 we managed to get ourselves up and ready before the sun came up.

 B. Davis continued her tradition of always sleeping in the car.

 we arrived in Wilmington to discover that it was even more beautiful than the last time we visited.

 I got to spend ALL DAY with my favorite Tree Hill girls! and lucky for me, that'll be the case for the next three days, too!

 we ate at Dixie Grill and P. Sawyer and I had our usual lunch: roasted turkey and bacon wrap with sweet potato fries. SO stinkin' yummy!

 we sat in the booth right next to Joe Davola, one of One Tree Hill's producers. pretty sweet!

we had a tasty glass of wine at The Fortunate Glass, which is SO cute, by the way.

 we visited the location for Brooke's bachelorette party and each drank from a boot in honor of Millie's performance on the last episode.

I discovered that not only is my ring BEAUTIFUL, but it also GLOWS IN THE DARK. I don't care what you say, that's the coolest thing in the whole world. and again I say, WAY TO GO, FANCY!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us, starting with the sleep I'm about to catch up on

Sweet dreams!

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