Thursday, January 13, 2011


Completely engulfed in God's creation. In a constant state of awe and thankfulness. Pinching myself every morning when I wake up just to make sure that I'm really awake. Meeting a client and instantly feeling an overwhelming amount of love for them, even though I may have only known them for a few minutes. Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I'm living in the moment where I get to do the thing I love most in this whole world. Laying under a cloudless sky and falling asleep gazing at the millions upon millions of stars above me. Waking up to the the sun peaking over the mountain tops and shining on my face. Trying things I've only dreamed about doing. Making a difference in the world, even if just for a moment.

I'd give anything to go back in time and relive my twenty-first summer over and over and over again.

Who is currently missing their life on the coast of the Pacific Ocean? Guilty as charged. And who is currently SO thankful to have been able to experience all of the wonderful things while living as a California girl for three months? Also, guilty as charged.

"Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life."
-Brian Andreas, Story People

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