Thursday, September 3, 2015

a special fifth.

It feels like my little Luke James was just born yesterday, and he has somehow managed to become a FIVE YEAR-OLD seemingly overnight. Half a decade has passed since I first met him in that hospital room, and these years have been full of blessings - one of my favorites being how excited he gets for every opportunity to love on his littlest cousin, Braxton. The whole family gathered together, as always, to give him a proper celebration that was full of pizza, cake, ice cream, laughter, baby talk (with baby cries mixed in, of course), and a whole lot of lovin'. He got some really cool gifts, including a bean bag chair that Braxton was especially fond of. It's the cutest thing watching Luke open presents, because his reactions are the best; every gift is better than the last, and they are all met with a gasp and a huge smile. I always think to myself that I should be that excited about the gifts I receive, both from my loved ones on earth and from my beloved Father in heaven. Learning life lessons from a kiddo who is twenty-one years younger than me reveals that humility comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and it's quite refreshing. I'd also like to point out at the birthday boy read my entire card, word-for-word, out loud to the family, which means that we are officially growing a genius.

Happy birthday to you, Luke James!
You are one loved little boy, and I hope you never doubt that for even a second.

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