Wednesday, September 2, 2015

local adventure.

August was filled to the brim with things to do + places to be, and our weekends were especially packed. That being the case, we waited for daddy to come home after school and hit the trails for our monthly family hike on a Thursday afternoon. We chose Lake Connestee Nature Park for this adventure, and we spent about an hour taking in all the sights + sounds around us. It had been a while since we came to this park, and we were impressed with all the new additions to the path that made for easier, less muddy walking. The bugs were thick on this particular adventure, making us fling our arms more frequently than usual, but that's the price you pay for being outside sometimes. As we were leaving, we met the Executive Director of the park, Dr. Dave Hargett, and we learned that there were more changes coming, particularly with how the park connects to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. We enjoyed chatting with him for a few minutes; we expressed how much we love having such a neat place to close to home, and he commented how his whole purpose for creating a place like this was so that families would have a place to make memories together (which is exactly what we were doing). It was quite an honor meeting such a brilliant man!

Braxton is pretty much a professional at smiling for the camera now, and he hummed his usual songs as we blazed through the paths. I wonder where our travels will take us this month? Somewhere beautiful, I'm sure of it.

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