Thursday, September 17, 2015

swinging away with my heart.

I've been playing at Gower Park since I was just a little girl. It has been the place I go to clear my head, get away from the noise, or simply get some energy out on the playground for as long as I can remember, and motherhood has only increased the amount of time I spend there. Whether we're running the track that encircles the park or having a picnic for lunch on a blanket in the grass, B and I constantly find ourselves in this beloved place. This particular afternoon called for long sleeves, a ball cap, a stroll to the park, and an hour of swinging. We made several new friends with people who were playing disc golf or walking the track on their lunch break, and Braxton stole the hearts of them all. This boy loves to swing and to grin at everyone he meets, so he is always extra giddy when these two happen at the same time. I pushed, tickled, and sang to him while he hummed and talked along with me, and I asked the Lord to freeze this moment in my mind (along with all the others) so that I never forget how sweet it was.

B is no stranger to the camera (sorry, I'm not sorry), but even I was chuckling to myself over how photogenic he was being when I whipped out Lucy (yes, our camera has a name - she's a very important member of our family whose name is sentimental to us, too). The only time Braxton stopped smiling was when I puckered my lips up for a kiss and he leaned in oh-so-gently to grant my request. There's nothing in the whole wide world that I would ever wish these days away for. Nope, not a single thing.

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