Friday, September 4, 2015

saying yes.

Half a decade has come + gone since I got into Blaze (TJ's beloved 1972 Chevelle) with a blindfold on as my boyfriend took me to a surprise destination for our date. He picked me up at home, everyone played it cool while we prepared to leave, he didn't seem nervous at all, and I was excited about this date, because it was our first big one since I returned home from spending the summer in California. I knew I was going to marry him, but I was totally shocked when I took my blindfold off, turned around, and saw him down on one knee. He had told me to save this particular date, September 4th, a couple months prior, so I thought we were going to a concert of some sort. I was blown away as hope became reality, and the ear-to-ear grin that met me as I turned to look him in the, you talk about knocking a girl off of her feet. If big foot had smiled at me like that, I would have said yes! Okay, maybe not, but it was the most precious grin I'd ever seen him wear.

Out of all the girls in the whole, wide world, he picked the one who annoyed him the most + had broken his heart the most, and he asked her to be his wife. If that doesn't say "I love you" more than anything else, I don't know what does. What I do know is that giving this man my hand, my heart, and every ounce of my vulnerability on our wedding day ten months later + every day since has made for an incredibly beautiful life. Five years later, and I'm still saying YES to my hunk-hunk-a-burning-love!
Oh, how I love you, Troy Jerome!

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