Monday, September 21, 2015

camping extravanza | our first night.

We returned home yesterday after spending a weekend on the outskirts of Clemson at Lake Hartwell. We had anxiously awaited this particular weekend for nearly two months, and we could hardly wait to pitch our tent beside the water. The sun stayed above the trees just long enough for us to get all of our gear set up + organized on that first night, and we managed to not freak out too terribly bad when we realized all the little things we had forgotten at home. B was happy, content, and curious for most of our stay, and he loved spending some uninterrupted time with one of his little buddies (ahh, I get ahead of myself - there will be more to share about that tomorrow). For now, just know that this weekend was wonderful in more ways than can be counted.
This mini-escape, of sorts, came at the perfect time, and aside from all the smiles + laughs we shared together, my favorite thing about our time away was leaning my head back and looking at the millions of stars above me. The sky was perfectly blue during the day + perfectly black at night, and those twinkling lights that made the darkness above us sparkle took my breath away. Looking up reminds me of how small I really am, and my perspective stays in line with Truth. The more I grow in humility, the more I grow in thankfulness. This weekend sang His sweet song over me as we vacationed away from all of our everyday tasks, and I can promise you that there is no sweeter song in the whole world.
When is the last time you looked up?

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