Tuesday, September 1, 2015

feelin' blue.

One of the best parts of living in the Upstate is the constant flow of things to do throughout the year. Not only are there are countless trails to explore outside of the hustle + bustle of the area, but there is also so much beauty nestled right in the middle of the big city. From local businesses selling local foods that can be eaten at home to high-end restaurants where everyone wears heels + pearls, Greenville has got it all.

I learned of the Reedy River Concert series on the morning of their final concert, and persuaded Teesh that we had to go. We carried a blanket + a babe with us as we joined several hundred neighbors on the lawn, and the band, True Blues, played as we all welcomed the sunset. Braxton laughed + cooed + rolled around on the blanket as the music filled his ears, and the eyes of everyone around us stole glances of him all evening. My mind immediately goes back to that glorious Wednesday when we first learned we were going to have a baby anytime a family outing falls on a Wednesday, and I hope more sweet memories on this particular day of the week are made as we close out one season for the next.

Greenville, you are so good to us.

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