Tuesday, September 22, 2015

camping extravaganza | our x-men.

Who is the little buddy I referred to in yesterday's post? Well, it was our fellow X-Man, Maddox, of course! Our beloved Haltiwangers joined us on our weekend camping extravaganza, and we had the best time. Seriously...THE. BEST. TIME. Both of these handsome babes had their first camping experience, and there was lots of baby chasing (AKA Maddox chasing), lots of food + snacking, lots of still frames captured, lots of dreaming of what our next adventure together will be, reminiscing on how good God has been to us in giving us our precious sons, lots of applauding Russell for being a professional fire starter, and even some stories of life before marriage (a major source of laughter, might I add). One of the best parts, however, was watching our two little ones play with each other. Oh my, how cute they were! They shared their toys, shared their parents, paraded around with no clothes on, and even gave each other hugs + kisses (so. stinking. cute). I have been praying for both of these kiddos since before they were even conceived, so it pretty much makes fireworks explode inside of my soul to see them growing up together. They are such a beautiful testimony of the Lord's perfect will, and though I still pray fervently for them, I also pray for their parents just as much. We are certainly blessed to have birthed babies, but now it is our responsibility to help them grow into men - a responsibility that ought not be taken either too lightly or too seriously. I pray we never forget that they are not the only ones who are growing, and that they would both learn about Jesus by watching Him at work in their daddies + mommies.
"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward."
Psalm 127:3

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