Friday, September 11, 2015

yellow branch falls | round two.

It had been three years since we ventured to Yellow Branch Falls in Mountain Rest, SC, so we thought it would be a good choice for our Labor Day hike this year. Melanie and Dustin came with us last time, and two different siblings trekked with us this time! Savannah and Candie were troopers with every hill we climbed, Braxton did his usual humming as we walked to the falls + back, Teesh showed off his super kid-carrying strength yet again, and I did my usual: capture it all through my camera lens. The trees were still bright green for this hike, but those beautiful fall leaves will start making their appearance soon - probably in time for our next trip to the trails. The waterfall was stronger than it was a few years ago when we went to see it, and the cold water that hit us as we stood below it was the perfect refreshment for a warm morning. I'd forgotten how gorgeous this particular hike was, and I hope we don't wait as long as we did before to visit this majestic place again.

Who wants to come with us next time? The more the merrier!

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