Friday, September 18, 2015

on the move.

I know a little boy who is really figuring out this crawling thing! We haven't had to start chasing him just yet, but he definitely knows how to get where he wants to go. Keys, my Tervis, and anything else that isn't his are what motivates him to get up + go more than anything else (imagine that - who needs toys?), and I'm already getting good practice at saying "no." Hardwood floors throughout the bungalow are teaching both of us to toughen up, and I am proud to report that we have had no black eyes yet. Our knees, on the other hand, are good + calloused (yes, I get down and crawl with him - what better way to learn than to do it with someone else?).

Side note: how cute is that little squishy body? I can barely stand to look at it! And I think we all know how I feel about that grin. Proud mama alert.

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