Friday, September 25, 2015

camping extravaganza | last few favorites.

This time last week, we were gearing up for our first overnight stay in the great outdoors with a new babe + precious friends. Isn't it funny how you plan for + anticipate something happening for months and then all of a sudden it's over? Memories like this past weekend are extra sweet with a small dose of bitter because although they're always fun, they always pass so fast. We took advantage of every moment, even especially the lazy ones, ate too many s'mores, braved the shallow water while our feet stood in the mush below, and dreamed of where our next tent camping adventure would be, and watched our boys play together in disbelief over how big they've gotten. Camping with kids is a lot different than it was without them, but it's the best kind of different. The very, very best.

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