Wednesday, May 25, 2016

bunched arrowhead heritage preserve | hike it baby.

We'd already had a pretty full morning with a play date for Braxton and a meeting for Mama, but with rain on the forecast for the next few days and the beautiful weather we had at our fingertips this afternoon, we made the last-minute decision to join our friends for an adventure through a part of town we'd never been before. Bunched Arrowhead Heritage Preserve is just a short drive from the heart of Greenville, located in Travelers Rest, and is home to many birds, other wildlife, and a rare plant, endangered plant called a bunched arrowhead. We had high hopes that we'd see the plants blooming since it just became the season for them, but we didn't see any this trip.

The trail was a loop that was only a little over a mile long, and we walked through both open fields and tree-covered paths as we hiked along. It was a hot, humid day, which made for several tantrums and extra prayers for patience, but (as always) it was such a blessing to be outside with folks who genuinely enjoy it, too.

I suppose we will be going back to this particular trail again soon so that we can look for those blooms that we missed this time.

Who wants to join us?


  1. It's becoming harder and harder to find the bunched arrowhead, especially after a big theft of it a few years back. We're also on the hunt for it, will let you know if we find any!

  2. I know another location for Bunched arrowhead. Blog:


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