Friday, May 20, 2016

x-family camping | our boys.

On Mother's Day 2014, I hugged my sweet friend, Stephanie, at church and chatted with her for a few seconds about life. The majority of our conversation centered around her pregnancy, as she and her husband were expecting their first baby boy in just a couple of months. As she was giving me lots of details, in true Stephanie fashion, she touched her bump, made a face, and exclaimed, "He's such a wiggle worm today!" I remember my eyes lighting up as if to say, "May I?" to which she immediately nodded and smiled.

That was the first time I really met Maddox. The first moment I ever experienced the fullness of his life, even as a growing baby in his mama's womb.

I will never forget that moment, because it was just three short days later that I found out I had a little life growing inside of me, too. I didn't know it at the time, but Maddox and Braxton had just met without anyone else in the whole world knowing.

They may be wild, crazy toddlers now, two years later, but they will always be babies to us. Yes, even when, Lord willing, they have gray hair and babies of their own. We will tell them stories about weekends like this and show them pictures of all the fun we all had, and encourage them to be intentional about making fun memories for themselves.

And, most of all, we will teach them that being a good, kind, compassionate friend, is one of the most important roles they will ever fulfill.

I think they're off to a pretty good start, don't you?

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