Tuesday, May 17, 2016

two mamas.

This year for Mother's Day, we treated our two mamas to a girls' night of painting!

We had the best time (even in the midst of stressing out over our canvases) and we all were impressed with how well they turned out. The best part, of course, was simply hanging out for a few hours with no interruptions or distractions. It was so refreshing for all of us, so much so that we immediately decided to schedule more girls-only nights in the future.
It might seem crazy to be smiling alongside of our two mamas, and I would be foolish if I didn't acknowledge the mercy of God over all four of these women pictured here.

Moms and step-moms often don't get along, much less smile for a snap of the camera next to each other, and these two mamas can certainly relate to those dark days in the beginning.

But because of sovereign mercy at work in their lives, they have learned to love what must be done, even when it goes against how they feel and what society says makes sense. Because of the love they have for their children, they chose to forgive and keep moving forward.

That's mercy, y'all.

And it's so, so beautiful.

Even when darkness was all we saw, all we knew, God had already written this particular day. And as I painted that evening, wedged in between my mom and my step-mom, He whispered, "See, I told you I work all things together for good."

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