Saturday, May 28, 2016

happy birthday, abram!

One of our little buddies turned one year-old a couple of weeks ago, and we had the special honor of celebrating him at his birthday party! His mama did a great job crafting and making everything perfect for his hiking-themed celebration, and I couldn't help but take a few pictures to help her document all of it.

You know those people you meet and instantly feel like you've been friends forever? That's how it is with this sweet family, and I am so, so thankful. Hiking does more than just help us unplug from distractions and connect with the world around us; it has also become a way for us to make new friends! Like I said, SO thankful.

His first birthday party was at a picnic shelter at Paris Mountain State Park, and it included a hike around Lake Placid. The weatherman went back on forth on the forecast for days leading up to this afternoon, but it ended up being perfect. Don't you just love days like that?
Happy birthday to the oh-so-handsome, Abram!

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