Monday, May 30, 2016

blue wall passage | hike it baby.

We hiked the Blue Wall Passage of the Palmetto Trail for the first time about two months ago, and we returned last week for another adventure. It was amazing how greener everything was since the last time we visited, and the warmer weather brought out a lot more people and creatures. There were a total of twenty-four of us (including kiddos) who blazed through the passage, and we had sightings of a big spider, a frog, and a copperhead snake. Yikes! This was my first interaction with a copperhead on the trails, but he was uninterested in us as we quietly snuck passed him (thank you, LAWD!).

On top of all of that, I didn't remember the trail as well as I thought I did from our last visit, so I ended up leading us astray and preventing us from seeing the waterfall or completing the trail. Instead of completing a loop like originally planned, we ended up doing an out-and-back trip that totaled a little over two miles. Everyone was so kind to their rookie hike leader (I won't name any names...ahem), and I was thankful for such an encouraging group.

On another note, it had been a while since Braxton had fallen asleep on my back, but his streak ended during this outing. About halfway through he began to squirm and scream (yes, right in my ears), and then a few minutes later, he was out. Isn't it funny how a few minutes of blood-curdling cries feels like an eternity? This mama was happy that he gave up the fight and decided to snooze!

If you're ever near Landrum, SC and want to visit a neat spot, you should definitely check this one out. I hope that we get to go back again soon! I mean, I definitely need redemption for how I royally messed this one up.

When will you join us on the trails?

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