Wednesday, May 4, 2016

honorary moss.

We kicked the Monday blues away by taking a trip to the Greenville Zoo with our friends-turned-family, Malesha and Mossy (well, the rest of the world calls him Aeydin, but he's always been Mossy to me). Malesha and I worked together for a few years, and Mossy was in my class for the majority of that time, and we have one of the most beautifully natural friendships. The whole Mossy Posse (that just came to me, and I'm totally running with it) has loved on me like I'm one of their own for as long as we've known each other, and it's been so fun making memories with them over the years.

Mossy finally has him an honorary little brother, too, and he was so sweet to Braxton as we explored around the zoo. He made sure he didn't get into any trouble, followed closely behind him to keep him from running away, and he even offered to pull him in the wagon for the last little stretch. B ate it up! Malesha got a few moments of hand-holding, and I did my usual mamarazzi duties and tried my best to snap pictures of it all.

It was a gorgeous day, and I assure you that the sun shining above us wasn't the only contributor to that fact. I'll never get over days like this y'all. Never, ever!

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