Friday, May 13, 2016

raven cliff falls | hike it baby.

Raven Cliff Falls was one of the first hikes we went on when we began our hiking tradition several years ago. We were bold (crazy?) enough to do the entire eight-mile trek to the bridge over the falls back then, and I can still hear Angie and Savannah cursing our names as we climbed back to the trailhead (hehe). The important thing is that none of us died AND we all got to check off a really cool bucket list item that day!

A couple of days ago, I had the honor of leading my first Hike it Baby adventure, and me and a group six other mamas + our little ones hiked to the overlook that gave a spectacular view of the waterfall. We did half of the distance that I just mentioned, but we were all carrying our babies, ranging from five weeks to two and a half years old, on our backs, which added some brawn to our distance (as always). The mamas that came with us trekked through like champions, and we all felt pretty accomplished after those few hours of hiking, chatting, admiring, and glistening. The weather was about as close to perfect as it could have been, and the pops of green all around us provided a beautiful backdrop to our exploration.

Braxton and Mason had met just one week prior to this hike, but if you had seen them playing together, you would have thought they'd known each other forever. His mama and I went to Clemson together, and we both reflected on how sweet it is to live in new seasons with old friends who have walked with you through previous seasons. God has been so good to surround me with other like-minded mamas in my short time thus far as a new mama, no doubt about it.

Where will we adventure next?

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