Sunday, May 29, 2016

you're killing me, smalls.

If the Cribbs are throwing a party, you know the Bargerons are there with bells and whistles on! There are few families we love as fiercely as we love them, and we've been walking through life together, hand-in-hand, for the past five years. Liam was just two years old when we first began celebrating big and small moments with each other, and just this past week, he turned six! In true Cribb fashion, they threw the party of the year (well, at least until Adalynn's birthday comes back around in December) with a big group of family and friends.

This year's theme was based on the classic film, The Sandlot, and it was seriously great. An intense game of whiffle ball was played in the big field below the house, baseball cards and gloves lined the tables, burgers and hotdogs were served in plenty, the cake was perfectly beautiful AND tasty, Big League Chew and Cracker Jacks were passed around, Liam's presents overflowed from the table to the floor (certainly not a bad problem to have), and there was a moonlight showing of beloved film that inspired this party once the sun went down.

The best part of the whole evening was meeting Liam's alter ego, Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez. And it was flawless. Flawless, I tell ya.

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  1. omg, this is seriously awesome! I love the cracker jacks and big league chew, and those baseball lights are adorable. I just know that somewhere in my future (with three boys) is a Sandlot party, so I'm totally pinning this!


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