Tuesday, March 8, 2016

blue wall passage | hike it baby.

Yesterday was the perfect day for a hike, so we did what we do best: we hit the trails! It had been a couple of weeks since we adventured with our Hike it Baby friends, and I think we were both missing being in the great outdoors with them. This exploration took us to a portion of the Palmetto Trail called the Blue Wall Passage, and we hiked about three miles of the total length. We passed two ponds, a waterfall, and thousands of tall, bare trees as the baby blue sky and bright yellow sun smiled down on us.

Braxton and Thomas have been on several hikes together since we started hiking with this group of mamas + babies in October, and this particular day was the most that they've ever interacted with each other. It was really sweet to watch them eat their snacks while sitting hip-to-hip, and their whispy, blonde hairs blowing in the wind were so cute that I kept giggling to myself. They were the big boys for the day, because the other little one who joined us was only seven weeks old. She was born two days after B's first birthday, so I immediately pictured him as being that being little again (naturally). I love watching him grow bigger + stronger, but I'll always cherish those moments when he was totally + completely dependent on me. One day he will be walking these trails alongside of me, but not just yet.

I hope we will be back out on the trails with our buddies again soon! I, also, have big plans for a few hikes over spring break, because we always miss daddy when he can't come. My birthday is that week, too, so there will be plenty of reasons to get outside and get into nature with my two best boys!

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