Saturday, March 19, 2016

mossy turns eight.

I've loved these kiddos for nearly five years, and I can promise you that no matter how old they get, I will always be their "Ms. Anna." I'm so thankful that so many parents of my former students want me to have an active role in their lives, from birthday parties to basketball games to gymnastic meets, and it's such a treat to walk with them as they grow older.

Not only that, but seeing so many of them remain friends through the years is, also, incredible. They have parents who are intentional in raising their children up together, which is an enormous blessing to me because I get invited to take part in it, too! Their eyes light up when they see each other in the same way mine do when I see them, and it tickles me to watch.

Mossy, Lilah-loopsy, and Abs may no longer be students on my class roster, but their names and uniquely beautiful souls will always be etched into the core of who I am. I hope they stay friends forever, and I really hope I never lose my front-row seat to watching it happen.
Mossy wanted to have a pool party with all his best buds and family members, and his mama (as usual) worked her magic to make it happen.

What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets!

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