Thursday, March 17, 2016

liana turns one.

It's always a blast when Braxton and Liana get to hang out, but this past Saturday was extra special as we celebrated his little gal's first birthday! All-things-pink was the theme of the afternoon, and she pranced around in her little pink tutu like she knew that it was all about her. It was the cutest thing! Her daddy and mama threw a birthday party fit for a princess, which was perfect for their precious, bright-eyed Liana.

Noelle and I were friends for several years before Braxton and Liana were born, but entering into motherhood alongside of each other has taken our bond to a whole new level. Our kiddos have regular play dates including everything from trips to the library to outings with our whole families in tow, and that also allows us to have some good conversations, too (in between chasing our little wild ones, that is).

Liana is a treasure to us, and we were so thankful to be there on her big day. Braxton even snuck a few moves in while her daddy wasn't looking! One day he will learn that his mama always has her camera ready to capture him in action. For now, their flirting is cute as can be, but I know that a day is coming when I no longer feel that way (ha!).

Happy birthday to our sweet Liana!
We loved every minute of this wonderful celebration of life.

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