Wednesday, March 23, 2016

spring's eve.

The day before the first day of Spring was gorgeous, much like the previous few weeks before then, too. This particular afternoon was extra special, because we actually had a few uninterrupted hours with daddy! We worked in the yard while Braxton napped, and then we got creative when he woke up while daddy washed our beloved Becca. B wanted to be where daddy was and play in the bubbles, but we had to do something when he started trying to eat the car wash (insert monkey emoji covering his eyes here). Soooooo bubbles in the kiddie pool it was!

That's right, people. It was warm enough for B to be in his swimsuit in the middle of March. I'm not sure that's ever been the case before, but we definitely considered it a blessing from God. Our little guy only got to use his pool a few times at the end of last summer, but I have a feeling that we will be wearing that thing out this summer.

I love watching his eyes fill with wonder, and I love it even more when that wonder is pointed in his daddy's direction. I always whisper, "Yep, you're daddy is the coolest," when TJ turns away. I'm so giddy for adventures in warm weather with my two boys. Spring has officially sprung, and we are making the most of it already!

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