Thursday, March 24, 2016

oconee bell trail | hike it baby.

We hit the trails with our friends at Hike it Baby again on Tuesday, and the weather was just as beautiful as the bright blue water and tiny flower buds sprouting up all around. We drove up to Devil's Fork State Park for this morning's explorations and hiked along the Oconee Bell Trail loop with our bud, Thomas, and his mama. All the green beginning to peek through the brown made me so excited for this new season that is upon us! Braxton and Thomas had a blast playing together when we ended our hike with a lakeside lunch, too, and the mamas did what we usually do: chase them around.

This trail is extra special, because it is named after a rare wildflower that grows beside the streams of water that flow near the trail. They're tinier than I thought they would be, and we got some leg squats in as we got as close to them as we could (with toddlers on our back, might I add). These pretty little buds reminded me of small daffodils, and we both kept our eyes peeled for them every time we got near water.

TJ and I went camping at this park for our second wedding anniversary, but this was the first time I'd ever hiked here. I laughed to myself several times thinking about how interesting that weekend was, and I also got excited about our next camping trip in May (wahoooo!).

A relatively short, easy hike with some pretty views was just what the doctor ordered for this morning, and I am soooooo thrilled that the next time we hit the trails, DADDY will be with us! Hip hip hooray! Spring break AND my birthday are next week, so that means lots of fun to be had + memories to be made are just over the horizon.

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