Saturday, March 12, 2016

braxton michael | fourteen months.

Things mama doesn't want to forget about this month:

|| I learned to walk all by myself || Five new teeth (four of which were molars) came in || I watched daddy coach his very first game as a JV baseball coach for Hillcrest High School || The warm weather provided lots of opportunities for walks and hikes || Speaking of hikes, we went on three this month || I overcame my fear of our great, big bathtub that had lasted for several months || I know exactly when to say "Bye!" and I don't care if I hurt anyone's feelings with my insistence that it's time to leave || The many play dates I got to have with my buddies || I got a major diaper rash a couple of weeks ago so I got to walk around the house in my birthday suit (Mama kept saying, "I'm so thankful for hardwood floors," as she followed me around with a towel) || My mullet is growing in nicely || The zoo was a frequent outing for us since it was so pretty || The park was, too || On the first warm day of the season, we went to the zoo, the park, AND for a five-mile walk so that we could spend as much time in the sunshine as possible || I'm getting bigger every day, but daddy and mama still try to hold me like I'm a baby sometimes || And I let them || I love to eat || And poop || And hear mama sing to me || And let daddy throw me up in the air and chase me around the house || I'm a happy, flirty, feisty, cuddly boy whose smile is as bright as the sun ||

Fourteen months of love like I've never known have come and gone, and I can promise you that I don't wish away even the worst of days.

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