Saturday, April 23, 2016

18 Holes for Haiti | 3rd annual.

The sun was high + bright, the clouds were thin, the trees were green, and the atmosphere was electric at Carolina Springs Golf Course on Tuesday, April 19th. Many of the people who joined us last year and the year before came back again for another round of golf, but it was very exciting to have some new faces in the mix, too. Volunteers came early, served throughout, and stayed to the very end, and it was so thrilling to see all of the long-distance love being poured out on our friends in Haiti. Hope Vision Ministry is something that TJ and I are very passionate about, and we love locking arms with others who are committed to providing for them, too. We may not look like much, but God continually blows us away with His faithfulness, attention to detail, and love for His creation.

This day was full of great weather, great fellowship, and great success, but the greatest part was getting to do work for the Kingdom ruled by our Great God. It really is amazing how far a smidge of obedience goes when the Author of grace is fueling it. He blew us away by the way He brought a group of men and women together, and reminded us (especially TJ) that all the blood, sweat, and tears is always worth seeing the finished product come together so beautifully.

One of our mottos at Capstone Church is He>me, and this day was proof of the truth in that simple phrase. Another motto that we don't necessarily claim but most certainly live out is we>me, and it's an honor to sacrifice the "me" with a Gospel community that makes up such a beautiful "we."
See this man pictured above, cheesing beside me? He is the most organized, mission-minded, diligent, determined (okay, you get the point) man I've ever known, and he worked so hard to make sure this day went off without a hitch. He got up early + stayed up late for months crunching numbers, writing emails, making phone calls, working on spreadsheets, etc., and we all knew that we were in good hands with him being our fearless leader.

Next time you see him, make sure you give him a big hug or high five.

Just leave the smooching to me.

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