Wednesday, April 13, 2016

lake conestee nature park | hike it baby.

The last time we adventured through Lake Conestee Nature Park, frost was still on the ground and all the trees were bare. This time, however, bright green was in the process of taking over the place, and it was so pretty. Our buds, Kate and Jane, joined us on this Hike it Baby adventure, which made for some extra joy, too! We saw a goose, several ducks, and a centipede while exploring, and we noticed that a lot of water lilies were near blooming.

Jane and Braxton really hit it off this time, which made Kate and I have several different swoon-fests. They held hands while we hiked, and Jane even began saying his name AND trying to kiss him. It was so darn cute! Three other little toddlers did some exploring while holding their mamas' hands, and little miss Iris quickly became our fearless leader who blazed ahead of us. Braxton did some walking of his own, too, when we took a quick snack break, and then he and Jane wandered around the grassy field once we made our way back to the entrance.

They kept us busy and entertained, and it was the perfect way to kick the Monday blues away. The only thing that would have made these couple of hours better was if the sunshine had come out of hiding, but even still the weather was wonderfully spring-like.

Where will we adventure next?

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