Wednesday, April 20, 2016

cara turns five.

I love birthdays, I love my family, and I love pretending like I'm still a kid. All three of these things that I love so much were what our Saturday afternoon was full of as we celebrated our precious Cara turning five! It's always the best day ever when the Phillips clan gets together, and this day was no different...except it was even more fun than usual because we were all walking on air!

Josh + Jennifer made their baby girl's dream come true as they always do, and the only faces Cara made all day were the happiest, cheesiest ones. We all smiled when she smiled, which means that we all smiled for two straight hours. Braxton had a blast, too, and it was so crazy to think back to her party last year when he could barely hold his head up. This year he was in the action with all the rest of us!

Happy birthday to our precious, Cara!

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