Sunday, April 10, 2016

rainbow falls | hike it baby.

Our second hike with our friends at Hike it Baby was at Jones Gap, and we took it to a new level on Friday when we adventured up to Rainbow Falls. Although we missed daddy, I was so excited to try to carry Braxton up to the falls, a trek that is close to six and a half miles roundtrip with some serious elevation gain. I think all of us mamas would agree that every huff, puff and time we thought we might have a heart attack was worth it once heard the water pouring down just ahead of us. It was tough, but we had a great group of motivated ladies who refused to give up the fight as we climbed + climbed + climbed some more. We joked on the way down that it's easy to forget how hard it was to get to the top when we're nearing the trailhead, but we were all pooped from this particular adventure!

The three Bargerons will probably do this one again soon to prepare for our annual hike up to the top of Table Rock, and I will be happy to let TJ carry the bigger load this go around. It was so fun to see Braxton walking around, putting his fingers in the water, trying to eat the dirt, playing with the other kiddos, and continuing to learn about the world around him. He is a dare devil with a silly little personality, and I can't think of a better place to let his imagination run wild besides the great outdoors. While the other kiddos napped, B yelled, "go! go! go" in my ear and touched the leaves and branches that we passed with his little fingers. He is too curious to sleep these days when we adventure, and I don't blame him one bit because I know a girl who still does the same thing (cough cough).

God's majesty and creativity are weaved throughout creation, and I pray that Braxton never loses his sense of wonder over the small things. I hope he has an eye for all those teeny, tiny wildflowers that the rest of the world tramples on, that he notices the small buds growing from trees before they bloom, that the sound of rushing water takes his breath away, and that he always listens when the bright blue sky above him beckons him to look up.

I want that for myself, too.

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