Thursday, April 28, 2016

lake conestee nature park | hike it baby.

For three Mondays in a row, we joined Hike it Baby for mid-morning adventures through Lake Conestee Nature Park. I love that we live so close to this particular park, because we can almost finish our normal morning routine without having to rush through breakfast (and mama miss out on those precious morning snuggles) in order to have early explorations. The weather and views were gorgeous, as usual, and we saw the cute little family of geese swimming nearby again. We were hoping that the water lilies would be blooming by this day, but they were still tucked away in their bright yellow buds, which ensured that we'd be back to check on them again soon. We had a great group full of tiny explorers who curiously eye-balled everything that they saw, and the mamas had some really good conversation, too.

Braxton adventured and played his little heart out so much so that he didn't even make it home before falling asleep. It's less than a ten-minute drive from our bungalow to the park, and I was even talking to him trying to keep him awake, but his sleepy eyelids refused to stay open. I may or may not have just stared at him for five minutes before getting him out of the car seat and putting him in his crib, because babies certainly don't keep.

A good adventure followed by a good nap? Now THAT'S a good Monday!

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