Thursday, April 14, 2016

fight like mimi.

Most people know that our Mimi is a modern-day superwoman, and she put her super powers to work last night at Hillcrest High School when she threw out the first pitch at the varsity baseball game. More than twenty family members and friends-turned-family gathered in the stands to root her on as Pops stood by her side and TJ waited behind home plate, glove in-hand. People applauded all around us, and my mind immediately retraced how far she has come in just two and a half months since surgery. She has shouted her fight song in the way she has relentlessly refused to give up through discomfort, exhaustion, pain, and more, and we are all so proud that we get to be the ones who stand by her as she sings it. More than that, we are all singing it with her.

Oh, if only we would all fight like Mimi.

We are so proud of the incredible progress she has made, so thankful to God for how He has been actively working all things together for her good, and so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from countless people.

The meaning behind the name Angela is "Messenger of God," and He is certainly communicating to us and through us during this season. Though our current season may not look the way we thought it would or even wish it would, His voice has never sounded so sweet. Her story is being told, and His faithfulness is being proclaimed as a result.

Mmm, the steadfastness of Jesus. There is no better message than that.

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