Friday, April 8, 2016

lakeside trail | round two | hike it baby.

We hiked Lakeside Trail at Table Rock back in December, and we returned on Wednesday to find the lake back to normal, the trees popping with tiny green buds, and little wildflowers growing all along the trail. The weather was chillier than expected because of the wind, but we had a gorgeous view of Table Rock above us that perfectly reflected on the lake below it. We will be seeing the lake from the top of that beautiful rock again in just a couple months, and this day had me daydreaming about that soon-to-be hike the whole time we trekked.

Braxton went back and forth between screaming with joy and screaming in frustration while also tugging on my pig tails (a newfound tradition of his). He chatted the whole time, and I giggled as he worked those vocal cords while silently praying that his sweet voice would always echo between the trees. Adventuring is the best way to learn, and he is already figuring that out for himself. There are so many lessons to be learned on paths of dirt, and TJ and I are going to make sure he learns as many of them as he can.

As the weather continues to warm up, we will be kicking our explorations into high gear, too! We registered for a challenge called Hike it Baby 30 for the month of April, which means that we have lots of motivation to make our goal. This group has revolutionized our interactions with nature, and I am unbelievably thankful that a friend introduced me to them.

For all the other mamas out there looking for opportunities to make memories in the dirt and climb mountain with your little one, please join us!

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