Monday, April 11, 2016

opening weekend.

Baseball, babies, and best friends. That's what yesterday afternoon looked like for us, and it was really great. A fraction of our community group mixed things up and spent some time in the sunshine (chilly sunshine) instead of our usual time together in honor of the Greenville Drive's opening weekend at Fluor Field.

We all enjoyed watching Braxton and Lilla try to climb the steep lawn while also protecting them from all the big kids who were going crazy all around them. They even snuck in some flirting and quick snuggles, forgetting that I had my camera in-hand ready to capture most of it. Aside from chasing kiddos, we did what we usually do: had really good conversation with each other. This is my favorite aspect of the time we have together, because it's always encouraging, raw, honest, and enlightening. It's, also, just a whole lot of fun.

Walking this life in faith with people who genuinely make it fun is pretty much the best thing ever. As long as these people continue to be "my people," I'll never run out of blessings to count.

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